HelpGPT is not GA and is currently being used via invite only.  If you wish to participate in our limited beta, contact a member of HelpGPT's team today.

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Simplifying and curating the chatGPT experience through pre-trained bots.

Our team of prompt-engineers and AI experts have pre-trained over 50 unique bots in a variety of categories to help you or your business better leverage the power of the GPT3.5 and GPT4.0 models.  

If your business wishes to launch your own custom portal with bots trained to your processes and products, please contact our sales team today.






Support for top platforms 

CRM, IT Help Desk, Customer Service, Human Resources,

HelpGPT, a service of, understands the nuances of critical systems and the improvement opportunities offered by GPT.  Our team of experts will guide your organization through the next phase of business transformation.

Systems of Record

From IAM to HRIS to CRM, we know what’s possible 

Knowledge Base

GPT AI chatbot to answer all employee questions 

Customer Success

Quick answers for your customers and vendors.

Help is on the way!

HelpGPT is an AI transformation consultancy and integration partner with expertise in Open AI’s ‘generative pre-trained transformer’. Our team delivers  Operational Assessments, Gap Analysis & Recommendations, and integrations with core systems.


Schedule an Introduction

30 minutes of your time might save your company millions of dollars.


Art of the Possible

We will assess your tools and activities to show what’s possible


Adopt, Integrate, Train

Implement the proper pluggins and grant ChatGPT access to key data 


Measure, Report, Support

Ongoing training, measurement, and support to ensure AI is adding value

Integrate with internal communication tools

Whether you are on Teams, Slack, or Discord, HelpGPT can seamlessly integrate into your standard workflows and communication channels.  Consult with a HelpGPT team member today to learn how you can incorporate HelpGPT into your internal operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HelpGPT work?

Help GPT uses a combination of OpenAI’s GPT3 Davincii API as well as GPT3.5 (the model used by the widely popular ChatGPT) to create a seamless experience.  The combination of these 2 models allow us to incorporate trained AI with incredible natural chat and memory.

How hard is it to train the AI?

It takes less than 100 prompts to fine-tuning the AI’s understanding of your individual systems.  Our team can assist in the curation of documentation and the understanding of your internal vernacular.

How do I add it to my website or internal System?

HelpGPT can be deployed as a chat widget or a simple search input.  You can also access our hosted version at  Our team can help you configure and install the platform on your domain.

How can I access logs of customer service questions?

HelpGPT stores initial questions of inquiries in the admin console.  Administrators have access to reports.

How does the pricing work?

Depending on the complexity of the deployment, HelpGPT has a monthly fee that covers planned usage and a metered overage fee structure.